Pensieri semplici in parole altrui

Mi capita spesso, gironzolando fra blog affini, di scoprire piccoli tesori di pensiero che dicono, con parole di altri, ciò che ho sempre pensato.
In questo caso la riflessione, in inglese, è catturata dal bel blog di Clementina van der Walt di Cape Town, South Africa:

'Making pots by hand in the midst of a technological revolution at the dawn of a new millenium seems at odds with the spirit of the age. But consider a Roman pot made two thousand years ago, encapsulating the time and motion spent in its madding. With the template of my own anachronistic I can retrace the ancient potter's every move, read his craftsman's mind.

This time shrinking capacity of pots has always fascinated me. An eerie fraternity of potters coexist across the centuries, silently, eloquently informing one another. Pottery is a language which speaks to us not only of technique and technology, but of society, culture and ideas. It is just like music or poetry, a rich and powerful world of complexity and wonder, with the capacity to touch the soul'